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The Department of Structural Geology was established in 1398 AH as one of the departments of the College of Earth Sciences. For the close connection between Structural geology, remote sensing science and spatial information systems have been added to remote sensing and information systems Spatial and its applications in geology to the department and then change the name of the department to the Department of Structural Geology and Remote Sensing.

Structural geology is concerned with the study of the conditions and shapes of the rocks that make up the earth's crust, their chronological arrangement, the conditions of their formation, and the forces that affect their deformation. As for remote sensing, it is concerned with studying geological and environmental phenomena by Aerial and space images and their techniques. The department offers many courses in topographic surveying, pictorial surveying, and geoinformatics enables the student to conduct field studies and draw local and regional geological and urban maps.

The department offers the following degrees:

  1. Bachelor degree in Structural Geology and Remote Sensing
  2. Master degree (with courses and thesis) in structural geology and remote sensing
  3. PhD degree in structural geology and remote sensing


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